Letter Shapes

The Letter Shapes app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is the perfect way to teach young children how to correctly form letters and numbers.

Letter Shapes drawing screen
The letters and numbers are clearly displayed with dotted line guides which show how they should be formed. All your child has to do is use their finger to trace over the letters.

Letter Shapes also helps your child learn the names and sounds of each letter. Audio clips for each letter inform your child of both the name and the phonics sound.

Here are some of the features of Letter Shapes:

  • Both upper and lower case letters and numbers are included.
  • Dotted line guides show how each symbol should be formed.
  • Letters, guides and horizontal rule lines can be toggled on and off.
  • Pronunciation and phonics sounds included for every letter.
  • Create your own lists of words, complete with accompanying sounds.

A unique feature of Letter Shapes is the ability to create your own lists of words tailored specifically to your child. You can even record a sound to accompany each word.

Letter Shapes word management screen on iPad

This feature allows Letter Shapes to grow with your child and can be used for:

  • Creating a list of family names complete with accompanying speech.
  • Teaching your child phonics by making word groups that match the phonics learning programme used in your child’s school.
  • Making spelling tests by recording each word being spoken and then hiding the letter guides.

For more information take a look at the Letter Shapes Help page.


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