Letter Shapes Privacy Policy

It is important to us that you are happy to allow your child to use the Letter Shapes app, so at no point during the actual use of the app will your child be asked to do or see any of the following:

  • Access any external web pages or other Internet content, including social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Be asked to enter their name, age, address, e-mail address or any other personal information.
  • Will be supplying no statistical information on usage of the app via analytics or other data collection methods.
  • Be requested to purchase additional content via in-app purchases
  • Be presented with any form of advertising banner

The Options for Parents button on the main menu does contain options that will connect to the Internet for various reasons, but these can not be used until they have been enabled by way of a parental gate (pressing and holding for five seconds on the Letter Shapes logo).

Internet usage by the parental options is listed below.

  • The View Help and Support and More Apps by Wave 1 buttons will open web pages from the Wave 1 website within the Letter Shapes app. The Wave 1 website makes use of Google Analytics to track usage. Click the following link to view the Wave 1 website privacy policy.
  • The Rate this App on App Store button will open the App Store app and take you to the ratings page for Letter Shapes.